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The following is information for members of the United States Parachute Association Central Region and has been provided by USPA Central Regional Director Gary Peek since early 2009.

7/15/18 - USPA BSR change to allow tunnel training for single instructor AFF

reported by Gary Peek

At the summer 2018 USPA BOD meeting, the following BSR change was made. This was the result of my subcommittee work with the Safety and Training committee. My notes and communication with the people that helped and provided information is here: STsubtun.txt. This document provides a great deal of important background information and concepts.

Also referenced is an article by myself and Kirk Verner on From Tunnel to Sky - Training Wind Tunnel Students to be Great Skydiving Students

Add/change the below verbiage to SIM Sect 2-1.G.4 to add guidance for tunnel training. 

b. Harness-hold program 
(1) All students must jump with two USPA AFF rating holders until
    demonstrating the ability to reliably deploy in the belly to-earth
    orientation at the correct altitude without assistance, except:

      (i) Students who have been trained in a wind tunnel may jump
          with one AFF rating holder after demonstrating the following
          in the wind tunnel: 
- basic stability (neutral body position)
- heading control
- simulated altimeter checks and time awareness 
- wave offs
- simulated main parachute activation
- controlled forward and backward motion
- controlled turns
- proper response to hand signals
    (ii) The wind tunnel training must be conducted by an AFF rating holder
     including the tunnel flight sessions, or a tunnel instructor who is
     under the direct supervision of the AFF rating holder. All training
     must be documented.

Note that in section (ii) it specifies that:

1. An AFF instructor or someone under the direct supervision of an AFF instructor. This means that an AFF instructor must be present during the training. An AFF instructor sitting outside the tunnel observing the future AFF student and a tunnel instructor (if not AFF rated) is a very reasonable method of accomplishing this.

2. All training must be documented means that the AFF instructor must log the training in a manner that provides proof of the training. (A skydiving style logbook would be the best way of logging the training.)

There are some excellent marketing opportunities here for the tunnel! They can provide custom skydiving style logbooks with room for the tunnel to AFF training, but also for other things. At the end of the AFF training section they could say something like, "Congratulations! Now that you have completed your AFF jumps, you can come back to the tunnel to let us help you fine tune your skills and to prepare for more skydiving."

All of those involved in this project to get the BSR changed hope that this change will allow both wind tunnels and dropzones to improve the quality of skydiving instruction and to allow these different types of flying to work together better.

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