USPA Central Region - Member Information

The following is information for members of the United States Parachute Association Central Region and has been provided by USPA Central Regional Director Gary Peek since early 2009.

Information for Students and Novice Skydivers

Instructional Resources is a directory of skydiving instructional related files of interest to many skydivers, but oriented toward student and novice skydivers. If you are a student or novice and have time, take a look through all of the files to see if something is of interest to you, or has information with which you are not yet familiar.

Information for Safety and Training Advisors/Instructors

SafetyAndTrainingAdvisors.htm is detailed information for Safety and Training Advisors, but may be of interest to many members, in particular, instructional rating holders.


2015 USPA BOD Election, update 12/3

USPA Central Region members, thank you for your support in the BOD elections. I look forward to serving you again for another term. Election results can be found on the USPA web site at the Election Results page on the USPA web site.

2015 USPA BOD Election

I am once again running for the position of USPA Central Regional Director. Thank you for your continued support. Voting begins on October 1st and ends on November 30th. If USPA has your email on file, you will receive an email with a link to vote online. The October Parachutist will have complete information about the election including a paper ballot.

USPA BOD Candidate Bio for the October Parachutist, 2015 Elections

I'm an active AFF, Tandem, IAD, and Static Line Instructor/Examiner with nearly 8000 jumps, Pro rating holder, Master Parachute Rigger, jump pilot, parachute researcher, and all-around jumper active in many types of skydiving.

I contribute to parachute and skydiving publications and technical research (, have authored many articles for skydiving and aviation magazines, and have made 9 unique presentations at 10 different PIA Symposiums. In the coming years I plan to continue to do this work for the skydiving and aviation communities as I always have.

I do not make a living in the skydiving industry nor do I own a skydiving business, so I have absolutely no conflicts of interest (financial or otherwise), and can provide unbiased representation for each USPA member. I work for the benefit of USPA members, not for myself.

I will not describe a political platform that is not realistic, nor will I propose additions or changes to USPA programs that that do not benefit all USPA members.

Wherever I see issues related to the safety and security of skydiving and of aviation, I speak up, no matter where I am.

I am fortunate to always be able to take time out from my job to help USPA members, and I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions about this election and what you can do to help.

(800) 435-1975, M-F 9AM-5PM central,

Additional information: My skydiving bio. My career/professional bio can be found on LinkedIn.

Information for Members

The USPA web site at has an incredible amount of information, including that listed below. If you are interested in USPA politics you will find it helpful, which you should be, especially if you are an instructional rating holder. Parachutist magazine includes articles about the BOD meetings a couple of months after each meeting. The articles explain fairly well the main actions of the BOD, but it is the politically correct version and of course lacking the background information and the thought process that ocurred before the decision.

If you would like more information, or if you would like more detail or my take on some of the actions, please feel from to call me.

Old Newsletters

When I first became USPA's Central Regional Director I published (mailed) a number of regular newsletters to Central Region drop zones. When visiting some of these drop zones I asked members what they thought of these newsletters, (which were in some cases attached to a very prominent bulletin board at the dropzone, that I could actually see as I packed.) Not a single member that I asked had read one. The internet has improved communication a lot, but members still need to take the initiative to contact their representatives. For historical purposes these newsletters have been converted to web format and are available below.

crdr0497.htm    crdr0797.htm    crdr0298.htm

Contacting Gary Peek

Note: I am a skydiver. I am at dropzones much of the weekend unless the weather is obviously not jumpable.

Mailing address:
Gary Peek
3201 Highgate Lane
St. Charles, MO, 63301 When at home or the office I check email very often.

Home phone: (636) 946-5272 (This is not a cell phone and does not accept text messages.) My office is in my home. If you want to talk to me for a while, please call my home number so that my office number will not be tied up. The only time I will not answer the home line is if I am on a business call on the office line.

Office phone: (636) 723-4000 or (800) 435-1975 (This is not a cell phone and does not accept text messages.) The best way to reach me quickly is at the office and available at those phone numbers from 9AM to 5PM, but I will answer the office lines any time I am at home.

Office fax: (636) 724-2288 If you fax me something, be sure that it is filled out in a manner that can be read, considering that fax machines have less resolution than printers or scanners.

Contacting USPA Headquarters

Mailing address:
United States Parachute Association
5401 Southpointe Centre Boulevard
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Phone: (540) 604-9470 or (800) 371-USPA
Fax: (540) 604-9741 The USPA web site has a lot of information on it that you will need, including the online SIM (to tell your students about), parts of the IRM, manuals, forms, info for Safety Day, etc.

If you need something, start there, and if you cannot find what you need, ask USPA Headquarters.

If something is not available then let me know and I'll see if I can get that changed. I do not keep many USPA documents because I cannot keep track of the latest inforation, which changes regularly.

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